I’ve never been one to do things by half. I have been toying with the idea of creating a blog for quite a while now (on and off about 5 years), and in all of this time I’ve always had a few spare hours a week that I could have used to blog about the various things that I love, like or hate. Instead I chose to spend that time horizontally on my mum’s sofa watching whatever rubbish Sky had decided to churn out for that day (namely Jeremy Kyle, Bargain hunt and Storage Hunters).

Now that I have recently got my own place and started a new job I will hardly have time to put my feet up, let alone update a blog regularly. But guess what? I got one anyway. And here it is – welcome.

For those who already know me you’re going to have a pretty accurate idea of what to expect from this little blog, as it’s mainly going to be a place to dump ideas as well as tell the world what I love and hate about the world that I live in. For those who don’t know me then you’re probably only going to be offended.

Either way if you return to my blog then expect to see posts about what I have learned and managed to teach myself after finally growing up and taking the steps of getting a full time job, somewhere of my own to live and even a little dog called Daisy.

Oh and for those who are wondering, why Queen of Average? Visit my About page and you’ll see why.